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Heading with each other, he requires the lady that if she it is loves your, she would just be sure to kill the Bat family members

The brand new 52

Now dressed in yet another costume outfit, Harley is afterwards detained by the Black colored Canary immediately after murdering one of this new prosecutors whom put the Joker trailing taverns. She actually is next punished and you may artificially inducted on Committing suicide Squad by Amanda Waller. It is eventually indicated that she not any longer wears face paint, and therefore her bleached surface is element of a permanent standing. She also appears to be drawn to Deadshot, since she observes an abusive frontrunner inside the your just as she saw on the Joker. Despite having zero vitality whatsoever, she proves to be a valuable asset to the Group, whether or not she is easily the most psychologically unstable (Deadshot described the girl due to the fact “cuckoo to have Cocoa Puffs). The truth is, she will not reveal people visible response abreast of hearing of your own Joker’s “death” beyond ending in her own songs and you can looking of with the area, whether or not shortly after Deadshot snaps her regarding the woman day dream and you will says to this lady to function she feedback “Notice. Yeah. Consider me personally extremely concentrated nowadays”. From the 4th matter this woman is gone towards the separation and you may separated throughout the remainder of the Suicide Team, and this confuses the new Belle Reeve guards just like the she is a powerless unstable woman, even when since their shields inquire what she could carry out Waller insults this new guard’s cleverness and you may Quinn smiles in the shield. She is perhaps not seen the remainder of new Suicide Squad if they are delivered to establish the vacation away within Belle Reeve. It’s revealed after the fresh fifth material that Quinn somehow orchestrated brand new breakout and you may deactivated their bomb while the a beneficial diversion to escape out-of Belle Reeve, and that is proven to be going to Gotham Urban area to learn from the Joker’s death.

He wakes right up unmasked which is compelled to wear Joker’s face

Quinn efficiency in order to Gotham and begins a crime spree with henchmen in her own photo. During the procedure Quinn flashbacks to help you their first meetings with Joker, although her sources was indeed a little changed as of the latest restart. In place of the girl DCAU counterpart and you will previous versions, Harleen never ever noticed all Joker’s reports on their youth that’s been shown to be one another extremely intelligent and contains specific attacking competence because the shown whenever she threatened the Joker on realizing he has got lead a knife in their first lesson. Within tenth session Joker suggests exactly what the guy heard about Harley, one to the woman dad got slain from inside the a bump-and-work at because of the an inebriated, rich rich man who had adequate involvement with avoid the new charges and you can prison date. Joker next merchandise this lady on mans fist, discussing it would be hard to slip the man’s lbs corpse into Asylum, however, he got currently tried normally. She tortures a psychologist and previous buddy towards the venue away from Joker’s muscles ahead of slitting your ex throat. Receive to help you his face Harley allows by herself so you’re able to become arrested because of the GCPD and you can introduced to their strengthening.

Within the GCPD, Harley retrieves Joker’s face and tries to eliminate inside, to check out Arkham, it is dropped by Savant. She and you may Savant struggle, until she outsmarts Savant from the capturing him in a pressure cellphone rigged to help you burst is to the guy you will need to stay away from, and you will mockingly tells remain here. Given that she attempts to escape from this new GCPD, she sees Deadshot. She falls infrared bombs, blinding Deadshot, and sneaks right up at the rear of your, knocking your away together sledgehammer. Harley, today believing that Deadshot is actually Joker, requires him as to the reasons the guy don’t return on her behalf. Thus gladly, she works into the ‘the Joker’, but Deadshot propels the woman from the abdomen. Quinn survived, however, requires surgery to come out of her grievous injuries. Amanda Waller still considers Harley as part of the Committing suicide Squad even with just what had taken place, but threatens her not to ever remove this sort of stunt once again.

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